Morningside Bike Parking Enclosures

Morningside campus has two bicycle enclosures that are secured by CUID swipe access for approved Columbia members only. Both enclosures are equipped with bike tire pumps and basic repair tools. 

Due to limited campus space and the need to maximize the availability and efficient use of bike parking, the bicycle enclosures are not for long-term bike storage and are reserved only for bicycles that are specifically used for daily or near-to-daily use. Registering your bicycle with Public Safety is required before requesting access to bicycle enclosures, as well as agreeing to Columbia’s policy for Commuter Bicycle Parking Enclosures on Morningside Heights campus.

Electric and non-electric scooters are permitted. Those who use scooters are held to the same accountability and policy standards as bicyclists. When parking your scooter, please be sure not to disrupt access for others.

Follow these steps to gain access to Columbia's bicycle enclosures:

  1. Set up an appointment to get your bike registered by contacting Public Safety at 212-854-8513 or [email protected].
  2. Take your bike to Public Safety for engraving, registration, and also request a Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker from the Public Safety officer.
  3. Place the Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker on your bike’s top tube, closest to the handle bars. Note the “top tube” or “crossbar” is the bar between your seat and the handle bar stem (view image).
  4. Request bike parking enclosure access online using your bike’s registration code and Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker number.
  5. Access a bicycle parking enclosure with your CUID.

See where bike parking enclosures are located

Bike parking enclosure on the Morningside Campus