Special Event and Seminar Parking Application

This form may be used to request parking for five or more guests only attending special events and seminars.

Special event and Seminar parking is available upon departmental request for weekday evenings, Fridays, and weekends in the Engineering Terrace Garage and International Affairs Building Garage subject to availability. If you are requesting parking outside of normal garage hours of operation, please call the Parking Office at 212-854-9455 to confirm and then make arrangements with Public Safety at 212-854-2797 for the Morningside campus.

  • Special Events – The charge for special event parking is $150.00 per hour (with a minimum of four hours) regardless of the number of parking spaces used. Requests should be submitted as early as practicable, and no later than three weeks prior to the event.
  • Seminar Parking – Seminar parking for up to 30 vehicles is $25 per vehicle. For more than 30 vehicles, the charge is the same as the special event rate. Seminar parking requests should be made no later than three business days prior; earlier requests are greatly appreciated. 

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