Car and Van Pools

Want to car pool with a partner or looking for a group to share costs? Here are some resources to help with your commute.

List your ride or find a carpool partner by joining the free 511 NY Rideshare system. You will instantly see contact information for people who are looking to share rides from your neighborhood. The 511 NY Rideshare service is intended for anyone who lives or works in New York State – you don’t have to be a New York State resident to use it. 511 NY Rideshare is a service of the New York State Department of Transportation. Carpools with three or more Manhattanville employees can qualify for the Manhattanville Carpool Parking Discount.

This particular carpooling database is merely a suggestion and it is not endorsed by Columbia University.

A vanpool is typically a group of five to 15 people who share their commute and split the associated costs. Vanpools are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and relaxing alternative to a drive-alone commute. You can be a casual rider and pay per use, or a committed rider paying a monthly fee. The vanpooling group arranges the schedule, parking, and pick-up locations. Vanpools are managed and operated by the riders themselves, but vans are usually leased from third party operators. Below are some vanpool organizations with existing services that operate to Columbia. Vanpools with three or more Manhattanville employees can qualify for the Manhattanville Carpool Parking Discount.

Current Vanpools to Columbia

This vanpool service is not currently operation due to the pandemic

Tenafly, New Jersey to Columbia vanpool service:

Read the story about Columbia’s Tenafly vanpool.

Start a Vanpool or Join Existing Vanpool

Enterprise Rideshare offers services for commuters to find an existing vanpool or start a new one:

EZ Ride is a New Jersey-based ride share organization that assists commuters in finding an existing vanpool, or helps them start a new one:

511 NY Rideshare offers vanpool formation assistance and allows you to search for existing vanpools. You can also submit your information as an individual wanting to be matched with a vanpool. Visit the 511 NY Rideshare website for more information:

While Columbia has no affiliation with any of these companies, Columbia Transportation can provide the names of some organizations who specialize in vanpool and travel arrangements. Please keep in mind that Columbia affiliates have the right to review various vanpool vendors and select the vendor of their choice. The above vanpool vendors serve as suggestions and are not endorsed by the University.