Westchester County and Connecticut Commute Options

Provided below is a range commute to options that have been specially chosen for a Columbia commute from Westchester and Connecticut. Affiliates should familiarize themselves and try the many travel alternatives to make an informed decision as well as have the swift ability to switch commutes if your normal commute is impacted.

Columbia encourages affiliates to consider their impact to the environment and choose a sustainable, car-free or car-light commute modes to reduce traffic congestion and emissions and support NYC’s and Columbia’s sustainability goals.

Metro-North Railroad

The Metro-North Railroad connects Westchester County and Connecticut to NYC.

Disembark at Harlem-125th Street, Grand Central Terminal, or Marble Hill and connect to Columbia using the M60 bus service, subway, walking, Citi Bike, or a free Columbia shuttle.

Travel options from Marble Hill to CUIMC (Hudson Line only)

  • Number 1 Subway train from Marble Hill 225 Street station which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, plus a 5 minute transfer.

Travel options from Harlem-125th Street to Morningside and Manhattanville campuses:

  • Citi Bike is usually the fastest and most reliable travel option to travel short distances in NYC and would be a good option for this trip. Additionally, Citi Bike offers pedal assist e-bikes to make biking easy. You can choose to get a Citi Bike membership for cheaper rates or use the Lyft app for one-off rides. Travel time is about 10 minutes.
  • The M60 Select Bus Service runs about every 5 minutes during rush hours and moves faster than other NYC buses as you pay before boarding and it makes fewer stops. The ride to Morningside campus from Harlem-125th Street station takes about 15 minutes. For Manhattanville campus disembark at the corner of Amsterdam Av and 125th Street and walk the rest of the way. Learn more about the M60 Bus here
  • Columbia’s free shuttle buses. Both the Manhattanville Loop and the Intercampus shuttles
  • Walking to Manhattanville and Morningside campus is about 25 to 35 minutes each.

Travel options from Harlem-125th Street to CUIMC:

  • Take the M60 to St Nicolas Ave. and 125th Street and then take the A train to 168th Street, or use a Citi Bike.

Quick links to Metro North resources:

Bee-Line Bus White Plains Manhattan [BxM4C]

The BxM4c bus is an express bus service that operates between White Plains and Manhattan making intermediate stops at Greenburgh and Yonkers. Note that its most northern stop in Manhattan is on the east side at 99th Street, which is a 10 minute Citi Bike ride to Morningside campus.

Learn more about the BxM4c bus by visiting the Bee-Line Bus website and searching for it in their list of bus schedules.

Here are some quick tips:

  • The bus accepts tap to pay methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • The bus accepts MTA Metrocards
  • Receive reduced fares when you use the MTA MetroCard for your Bee-Line bus rides


Carpooling can help you save money, while making friends along the way.

Electric mobility and biking

Traveling by bicycle or an electric mobility device such as an e-bike or e-scooter is becoming increasingly popular as it’s often the fastest and most reliable travel option. Columbia offers bike parking enclosures and other resources and services to support e-mobility and bicycle travel.

Get Inspired by other Columbia commuters

Columbia’s Wow Commute Stories webpage highlights other Columbia commutes who have made a conscious commute decision for something sustainable and fun! These stories are provided to inspire change among Columbia affiliates to choose sustainable commute modes.

If you have an inspiring, monumental, interesting or fun commute, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. Affiliates whose stories are selected receive 20 Flex Dollars on their CUID