Manhattanville Zipcar Membership Reimbursement

Columbia’s Office of Environmental Stewardship is reimbursing Manhattanville faculty and staff the cost of an annual Zipcar membership to encourage a "car-free commute."

Go car-free this year and be reimbursed for a Zipcar membership! With this incentive, Columbia aims to reduce car ownership and the number of vehicles commuting in and around the Manhattanville area.

Zipcar is a car sharing company that allows members the convenience of having access to car when they need it, without the costs and hassles of owning and parking a car. There are many Zipcar locations surrounding the Columbia neighborhood, and throughout New York City. Zipcar offers all Columbia affiliates discounted rates.

Submit how you have begun a car-free commute or sold your car for car-free lifestyle in 2018 and you will be reimbursed, while this offer lasts, for your Zipcar Columbia membership. Fill out this application which will be reviewed by Columbia’s Environmental Stewardship office. Questions about this program can be emailed to [email protected].

How it works

  1. Faculty and staff submit an application online.
  2. The Office of Environmental Stewardship will contact applicants and reimburse qualified employees $15 on their Columbia University paycheck, using the Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement (TBER) form.
  3. Faculty or staff must become a “vendor” via the process detailed on the Finance website:
  4. Faculty or staff will be reimbursed to bank account or via check.