Car Share & Hire

Cars are expensive to own, and most of time they’re sitting parked and taking up valuable space. Here are two alternatives to owning a car that still allow access to one when you need it.

Low Rates with Hertz Car Rental Company

Columbia has pre-negotiated low rates with Hertz for the hiring of vehicles by the day. Columbia affiliates can take advantage of this this benefit by visiting the Columbia Visitors and Personal Travel portal and creating a profile on World Travel. Hertz has car rental locations in many locations around NYC, with the closest to Columbia being on the Upper West Side and in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


To use Zipcar just become a member, reserve a car online or on their smartphone app, use your Zipcar membership card to unlock the car, and drive off. Cars must be returned to their pick-up location. Member benefits include:

  • Gas and insurance
  • Access to Zipcars 24/7
  • All students ages 18 and up are eligible, including drivers with international licenses

See where Zipcars are located in the Columbia area and join Zipcar.

Note: Non-Zipcar passengers are not permitted or insured to drive Zipcars.

Columbia has provided this information strictly for convenience. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for their own safety and have the right and ability to select a car-sharing service of their choice.