Manhattanville Loop

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Hours of Operation

The Manhattanville Loop shuttle runs Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays. Please review our rider etiquette guidelines.

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Bring Your ID

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis and all riders must present their Columbia ID.

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GPS Shuttle Tracking

GPS tracking of the Manhattanville Loop Shuttle is available both on this website and also within the Passio Go! mobile app. (Download Passio Go!)

Need help or have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Shuttle Accessibility

The Manhattanville Loop shuttle is ADA accessible.

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Route Your Trip

If you've ever used Google Maps, our interactive shuttle map should look familiar. Simply enter your starting and destination addresses and when you want to leave. You'll be presented with several different routes that satisfy your requirements. Clicking on the Shuttle Stop markers on the map displays the next three shuttle arrival times as well as a photo of the stop.  If you need help, view our brief tutorial video.

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The schedule below will reflect the expected arrival time of the shuttle at each stop. Download a printable copy of the schedule here.

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Download Our App

Our partner Passio provides an app for both iOS and Android called Passio Go! It allows you to quickly check the location and routes of our shuttles from your mobile device. Download it now.

Manhattanville Loop Shuttle Schedule & Route Map

Before using the interactive route map and Shuttle schedule below, please familiarize yourself with the types of stops on the Shuttle route and their locations.

Certain stops on the Manhattanville Loop Shuttle route are "hard stops", meaning that the driver always comes to a full stop there, even if there are no riders waiting to board. The driver will wait at a hard stop until the time when the Shuttle schedule indicates that the Shuttle should arrive.

Other stops are "soft stops", where the driver will slow down, but continue past the stop if no one is waiting.

Below is a list of the hard and soft stops on the Manhattanville Loop Shuttle Summer Schedule:



The route shown on the map includes all stops that the Manhattanville Loop Shuttle makes during the day. By turning each route off or on on the map, you will see the route the shuttle takes and which stops it includes.  As the Shuttle does not stop at every stop on every run, please use the map to get directions or refer to the schedule to ensure you choose the correct route.

  • When searching for directions using the maps, the system will only search times for the routes you have showing on the map. To search all available routes and times, ensure that all routes are visible.
  • Clicking on a stop marker will display information about the stop, a picture of the stop, and the next three times the shuttle stops there.
  • The shuttle is tracked live via GPS on our website. A moving bus icon on the map will show you where the shuttle is in real-time.

Manhattanville Loop: Summer 2023 (Morning)

Metro North 2, 3 Train a.m. A Train a.m. Small Square 132 South Studebaker South Jerome L. Greene South 120 St. South 116 St. North 120 St. North
7:23am 7:24am 7:26am 7:36am 7:40am 7:43am 7:44am 7:46am 7:52am 7:53am
- - - 7:56am 8:00am 8:03am 8:04am 8:06am 8:12am 8:13am
- - - 8:16am 8:20am 8:23am 8:24am 8:26am 8:32am 8:33am
- - - 8:36am 8:40am 8:43am 8:44am 8:46am 8:52am 8:53am
- - - 8:56am 9:00am 9:03am 9:04am 9:06am 9:12am 9:13am
- - - 9:16am 9:20am 9:23am 9:24am 9:26am 9:32am 9:33am
- - - 9:36am 9:40am 9:43am 9:44am 9:46am 9:52am 9:53am
- - - 9:56am 10:00am 10:03am 10:04am 10:06am 10:12am D/O -
- - - - - - - - 10:32am 10:33am
- - - 10:36am 10:40am 10:43am 10:44am 10:46am 10:52am 10:53am
- - - 10:56am 11:00am 11:03am 11:04am 11:06am 11:12am 11:13am
- - - 11:16am 11:20am 11:23am 11:24am 11:26am 11:32am 11:33am
- - - 11:36am 11:40am 11:43am 11:44am 11:46am 11:52am D/O -

Manhattanville Loop: Summer 2023 (PM)

Small Square 132 South Studebaker South Jerome L. Greene South 120 St. South 116 St. North 120 St. North A Train p.m. 2, 3 Train p.m. Metro North
- - - - - 12:32pm 12:33pm - - -
12:36pm 12:40pm 12:43pm 12:44pm 12:46pm 12:52pm 12:53pm - - -
12:56pm 1:00pm 1:03pm 1:04pm 1:06pm 1:12pm 1:13pm - - -
1:16pm 1:20pm 1:23pm 1:24pm 1:26pm 1:32pm 1:33pm - - -
1:36pm 1:40pm 1:43pm 1:44pm 1:46pm 1:52pm 1:53pm - - -
1:56pm 2:00pm 2:03pm 2:04pm 2:06pm 2:12pm 2:13pm - - -
2:16pm 2:20pm 2:23pm 2:24pm 2:26pm 2:32pm 2:33pm - - -
2:36pm 2:40pm 2:43pm 2:44pm 2:46pm 2:52pm 2:53pm - - -
2:56pm 3:00pm 3:03pm 3:04pm 3:06pm 3:12pm 3:13pm - - -
3:16pm 3:20pm 3:23pm 3:24pm 3:26pm 3:32pm 3:33pm - - -
3:36pm 3:40pm 3:43pm 3:44pm 3:46pm 3:52pm 3:53pm - - -
3:56pm 4:00pm 4:03pm 4:04pm 4:06pm 4:12pm 4:13pm - - -
4:16pm 4:20pm 4:23pm 4:24pm 4:26pm 4:32pm 4:33pm - - -
4:36pm 4:40pm D/O - - - - - - - -
- 5:00pm 5:03pm 5:04pm - - - 5:20pm 5:21pm 5:23pm

Manhattanville Loop: Summer 2023 (Evening)

Small Square 132 South Studebaker South Jerome L. Greene South 120 St. South 116 St. North 120 St. North
5:56pm 6:00pm 6:03pm 6:04pm 6:06pm 6:12pm 6:13pm
6:16pm 6:20pm 6:23pm 6:24pm 6:26pm 6:32pm 6:33pm
6:36pm 6:40pm 6:43pm 6:44pm 6:46pm 6:52pm D/O -
- - - - - 7:12pm 7:13pm
7:16pm 7:20pm 7:23pm 7:24pm 7:26pm 7:32pm 7:33pm
7:36pm 7:40pm 7:43pm 7:44pm 7:46pm 7:52pm 7:53pm
7:56pm 8:00pm 8:03pm 8:04pm 8:06pm 8:12pm 8:13pm
8:16pm 8:20pm 8:23pm 8:24pm 8:26pm 8:32pm 8:33pm
8:36pm 8:40pm 8:43pm 8:44pm 8:46pm 8:52pm 8:53pm
8:56pm 9:00pm 9:03pm 9:04pm 9:06pm 9:12pm 9:13pm
9:16pm 9:20pm 9:23pm 9:24pm 9:26pm 9:32pm D/O -
- - - - - 9:52pm 9:53pm
9:56pm 10:00pm 10:03pm 10:04pm 10:06pm 10:12pm 10:13pm
10:16pm 10:20pm 10:23pm END - - - -