Bike Parking Enclosure Access Request

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Terms and Conditions:
  • The enclosures are reserved only for bicycles that are specifically used for daily or near-to-daily use.
  • Users need to have their bicycle registered with Public Safety (Learn more about bike registration here.) 
  • Users must have a designated Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker displayed on the bike frame.
  • Bicycle enclosures will be inspected and bicycles that are unregistered, abandoned, stored or not displaying a Commuter Bike Parking Enclosure sticker will be tagged with a notice for removal.
  • A 90-day grace period will be provided from the day of tagging for the owners to collect their bike.
  • Columbia is not responsible for the safekeeping of bicycles and any property contained in the bicycle enclosures.

Read the full policy here: Columbia’s policy for Commuter Bicycle Parking Enclosures on Morningside Heights campus

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