24/7 Parking Application

Complete this form to request 24/7 parking. Applicants are limited to full-time Columbia faculty and administrators Grade 14 and above who live north of West 96th Street and south of West 145th Street or who live in University housing or residents of the Arbor for the Arbor Garage. The University Parking Committee is responsible for all policy matters and assignments for garages on these campuses and at the Arbor; the Parking Office manages the day-to-day operation of these facilities and refers issues to the Committee for review.

View garage locations and rates for 24/7 Parking.

NOTE: 24/7 parkers must pay charges via payroll deduction, with the exception of students and retirees.


Home Address

Approved parkers may not begin parking until proof of a home address within the parking eligibility parameters is provided.

Garage Preferences

Enter "1" for first choice, "2" for second choice, etc.

24-Hour Garages

Vehicle Information

The vehicle must be registered to the parker, spouse, or same sex domestic partner as recognized by Human Resources.  Parking is limited to the registered parker and vehicle of record only. No subleasing of a parking space is permitted.

Vehicle 1 Information

Vehicle 2 Information