Drive or Ride

Ride Sharing Enables More Affordable and Sustainable Commuting

Ride sharing allows you to share the cost and driving responsibilities of your commute with another passenger. Find information and tools to help you find vanpools, carpool partners and resources that support ride sharing. Learn more. 

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Car and Van Pools

Carpool with a partner or share costs with a group. 

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Rideshare Services

Connect with a professional driver and other travelers going your way.  

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Park & Ride

Park your car outside the city and travel in on a bus. Or, park your car and travel in with a coworker.

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Carpool Tolls and Discounts

Tolls are typically reduced for drivers with 3 or more riders at most locations in NY and NJ.


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Tips for Carpooling

You don't have to carpool every day. Start small and agree to parameters with your partner. Learn more about successful carpooling. 

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Columbia strongly encourages you to choose car-free commute options to reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Before you look for parking, ensure you’re aware of the multiple car-free, cost-competitive, and sustainable travel options available to you.

Driving Services and Incentives