Commute Stories: Raju Tomer

Raju Tomer

Raju Tomer (Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences) commutes by e-bike to Morningside campus from Closter, New Jersey.

Raju’s commute begins at Closter, New Jersey, 15 miles away from campus. He started his new commute on an e-bike in February of 2023 and is loving it. When Raju first started at Columbia, he used to drive into campus. “There was always traffic” said Raju, and so he bought an e-bike and researched through videos online for optimal bike paths.

Raju soon planned out a commute that has completely changed his routine. He crosses over the George Washington Bridge in the morning with the warmth of the sun blanketing him while being greeted by the Hudson Valley wind. “It’s the best commute I have ever done,” said Raju.

Raju states that his only regret is that he wishes he had started earlier.