Columbia Business School Bike Parking Enclosures

The Columbia Business School Bike room has space for 70 bicycles, and is equipped with showers and change rooms for active commuters such as cyclist and runners. Access to the bike room and showers is only for Columbia Business School affiliates. Non-affiliates can consider other bike parking enclosures listed on this website.

Electric and non-electric scooters are permitted. Those who use scooters are held to the same accountability and policy standards as bicyclists. When parking your scooter, please be sure not to disrupt access for others. 

All bikes and scooters must be registered for use of the bike room. Follow these steps to gain access to the Columbia Business School bicycle room:

  1. Set up an appointment to get your bike registered by contacting Public Safety at 212-854-8513 or [email protected]
  2. Take your bike to Public Safety for registration and engraving
  3. You are now set up and begin using the bike room.