Evening Shuttle (Via) Service Implements Shared Rides

In keeping with health and safety guidance from Columbia’s COVID-19 Task Force, the On-Demand Evening Shuttle service, powered by Via, is transitioning to the shared ride model that was intended at its outset.

March 05, 2021

As health and safety measures at Columbia have been diligently adhered to during the pandemic, shared rides will begin on Monday, March 8 to increase service capacity and reduce wait times on the Evening Shuttle.

Diagram of a Via vehicle from above, showing that every other seat should remain vacant to allow physical distancing between passengers.

Continued Preventive Measures in Place 

A maximum of 3 passengers will be allowed in the 6-passenger vehicle at one time to make distancing possible. The image above shows the mandatory seating allocation within the vehicle, allowing for empty seats between riders. 

All riders and drivers must continue to wear face coverings when in the vehicle, regardless of where you are seated. Via drivers have the right to refuse service to a rider who is not wearing a face covering. 

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we work to make this service convenient and safe for all of our riders. 

Columbia Transportation