Evening Shuttle Rider Etiquette

Beginning November 1, 2020, all New York residents and visitors over the age of eight will be required to wear seat belts in the front and back seats of all motor vehicles, including for-hire vehicles like Via. Under the law, both you and your driver may be subject to fines if you do not buckle up.

  • Before boarding your vehicle, make sure that the vehicle’s license plate matches the one provided on the Via app. You may also ask the driver’s name and match it to the name provided. 
  • To ensure the safety of our drivers and the passengers onboard, we ask that you show your CUID to the driver for validation prior to boarding the vehicle. If you don’t have your CUID, you can present a state ID.
  • Be ready to go when your vehicle arrives. Enter and exit the vehicle promptly to maintain timely service for other riders.
  • Please be respectful to the driver, vehicle, and other passengers at all times.
  • It is vital that riders be ready at the pickup point to ensure a speedy pickup. The driver will wait at the stop for 2 minutes before cancelling the ride and moving on to the next pickup.
  • Please know that the drivers must pick up and drop off at the requested destination. They are not allowed to drop off or pick up at a different location.
  • Drivers cannot pick up or drop off riders outside the established Columbia University zone(s). To see a map of the service zones, visit this webpage.
  • If you can’t make your pick-up, cancel through the Via app so we can give your seat to someone else. If you requested a vehicle over the phone, please call back to cancel.
  • You may not eat or drink in the vehicle.
  • Clean up after yourself. Please don’t leave any garbage in the vehicle.
  • Check to make sure you have all your possessions before exiting the vehicle, especially your keys and cell phone.

For Via Support and 24-hour customer service, click on the “Help Center” button in the app’s main menu. Support agents are available to help at any time.

Any issues, complaints, or recommendations that can be addressed on a non-emergency basis should be communicated by e-mail to our team at [email protected]. Your message will be kept confidential.