Stop Locations for Commuter Shuttles - Fall

Below is a list of specific boarding locations for the Columbia Commuter Shuttles with links to Google Maps where possible. Download the PDF map for a general overview of the routes. You can view departure times using our online ticketing system.

All boarding locations are also MTA bus stops, with the exception of Citi Field, and some Morningside and CUIMC stops. Please note which side of the street the bus stop address is located. In some instances an exact street address is not available and instead a descriptor is used, such as Hoyt Ave. @ 31 St. (Hoyt Playground).

Dark blue square containing the Columbia University crown logo in white with a QR code linking to the Commuter Shuttles website; Commuter shuttle route map showing color-coded routes from Brooklyn to Manhattan, and Queens-Riverdale to Manhattan.

Brooklyn via West Manhattan

Brooklyn via East Manhattan

West Side Manhattan

Queens-Riverdale Route