Semester Commuter Parking Application for Columbia Students

Due to COVID-19 operating restrictions, the Columbia Parking Office is currently not accepting parking applications. We will re-evaluate after assessing the parking needs during the academic year.

Complete this form to request semester commuter parking for Columbia students. Columbia University students may apply for parking during classes they are enrolled in which are held on evenings and Saturdays. A current class schedule must be provided. When available, parking will be provided on class dates as follows: on weekday evenings from 4 pm to 11 pm in the International Affairs Building Garage and on Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm in the Engineering Terrace Garage. Please note that Barnard College and Teachers College students are not eligible for parking. Applicants must live outside the borough of Manhattan.

View the locations and rates for Student Commuter Parking. *These amounts include a $50 deposit, which is refundable upon the conclusion of parking and return of the tag.

You must provide the following before a parking permit is issued:

  • Vehicle registration(s)
  • Payment in full by check made payable to Columbia University (applicable fee above plus $50 deposit)
  • Class schedule with your name printed on it.

The University Parking Committee is responsible for all policy matters and assignments for garages on these campuses and at the Arbor; the Parking Office manages the day-to-day operation of these facilities and refers issues to the Committee for review.