Bike Sharing

Columbia partners with Zagster for bike sharing services. Citi bike (New York City's bike share program) is not affiliated with Columbia, but is also available at several locations around campus.

Zagster Bike Share

Need a bike? Borrow ours!

Columbia’s Zagster bike share program means all students and staff can access a bicycle 24/7. Zagster bikes are great for recreational rides, exercise and intercampus travel. Pick up a Zagster bike at Lerner Hall, Wallach Hall or Wien Courtyard on Morningside campus, and at Jerome L. Greene Science Center on Manhattanville Campus.

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Citi Bike

Citi Bike is New York City's bike share system. Columbia has no affiliation with Citi Bike, but it is a good choice for getting to your destination faster or for a recreational cruise. Citi Bike offers short term memberships which are ideal for visitors, or annual memberships for frequent users. Depending where you live, you might benefit from combining Citi Bike with your subway commute. You'll get more exercise and may even achieve a more enjoyable commute.

See Citi Bike pricing options and the Citi Bike station map