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Westchester and Connecticut

This information is compiled to be specific for commuting between Westchester County, Connecticut and Columbia’s Manhattan campuses.

Metro-North Railroad

Metro-North Railroad connects Westchester County and Connecticut to Manhattan. Use this interactive service map to find Metro-North stations, schedules, and station parking information. 

Harlem-125 St (Metro-North station) to Columbia

Columbia Shuttle

Columbia is making it easier to switch to a Metro-North commute. Columbia's Intercampus Shuttle connects to Harlem-125 St (Metro-North station) in the a.m. and p.m. rush hours. This means Metro-North commuters can take the shuttle straight to Columbia's campus and do not need to purchase MTA transit passes. This initiative saves commuters more than $1,200 per year.

View the Intercampus Shuttle routes and schedules

M60 Select Bus Service

The M60 Select Bus Service is an express service that runs every 8 minutes during rush hours connecting Harlem-125 St (Metro-North station) to Manhattanville and Morningside Heights. The MTA's Select Bus Service moves faster because it has traffic signal priority that gives buses priority at traffic signals, and a faster fare collection system where customers pay before boarding. 

Bee-Line Bus

Connect to Columbia using Westchester County’s Bee-Line Bus service which connects Westchester County to NYC’s Subway and Metro-North Railroad.

Receive reduced fares when you use the MTA MetroCard for your Bee-Line bus rides.      

We want to hear from you. If you're a commuter from Westchester or Connecticut, let us know if this page is helpful to you and what we might do to make it better. Email us at environment@columbia.edu