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CU Introduces New NJ Commuter Shuttle

Important Update: The Teaneck Shuttle Pilot will end on December 31st, 2016. Thank you to those who participated. Please contact Daniel Allalemdjian with any questions.

About the Shuttle

Reduce your commute costs and time wasted driving – relax on a Columbia operated coach bus! Columbia recognizes the stress and impact of a GWB commute and is pleased to introduce a three-month pilot program to test effectiveness of a new commute option. Beginning on October 3rd, Columbia’s GWB commuters will be offered direct shuttle service to our Manhattanville and Morningside Heights campuses during morning and evening rush hours. 

Reasons to Participate

  1. Your first month is FREE. You have nothing to lose!
  2. SAVE over $469 on monthly commuting costs for your first month (based on GWB toll and CU parking)
  3. Reduce your CO2 emissions by 273 pounds per month (estimated based on 25MPG vehicle and epa.gov)
  4. Be more productive during your commute with our FREE WiFi and power outlets on-board
  5. Reduce your stress, let our driver deal with traffic jams and potholes!

Costs after your first FREE Month

  • Shuttle pass only: $190 monthly ($143 after pre-tax deductions, based on 25% tax bracket)‚Äč
  • Optional parking at Glenpointe: $190 monthly ($143 after pre-tax deductions, based on a 25% tax bracket)


See what riders are saying:


Map of Service

Click and zoom around the service map for bus stop and parking locations.


AM Service 

DepartureEstimated ArrivalEstimated Arrival

PM Service

DepartureDepartureEstimated Arrival

*Does not operate on weekends and Columbia Morningside campus designated holidays.

Shuttle Stop Locations

Option for Parking at Glenpointe-Teaneck

If being dropped off, walking or biking to the Glenpointe-Teaneck bus stop is not an option, you can opt to pay for on-site parking. Columbia has made arrangements to offer guaranteed parking to Columbia affiliates who sign up for this new service. Parking spaces are located in a multi-story parking garage secured by a pass-activated gate on private property. Your first month of parking at Glenpointe will be FREE. After your first free month, parking at Glenpointe-Teaneck will be $190 per month. This is in addition to the cost of the shuttle. 

View the parking video to help with wayfinding at Glenpointe-Teaneck.

About the Vehicle



Payment Details

  • Submit payment by the 30th day of the month prior to the desired service month.
  • Make checks payable to Columbia University 
  • Shuttle service only: $190
  • Shuttle service & Glenpointe-Teaneck parking: $380
  • Deliver or mail payment to: Environmental Stewardship, Attn: Janice Erskine, 400 West 119th Street, New York, NY 10027. Office hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • You will receive an electronic receipt via email.
Looking for more financial savings?  Enroll in Columbia’s Transit/Parking Reimbursement Program (T/PRP). The T/PRP allows employees to save money by putting aside pre-tax paycheck dollars for transit and/or parking expenses that are associated with their commute. The GWB/Teaneck shuttle and parking costs qualify for these pre-tax deductions. Log in to the CU Benefits Enrollment System to get started.


What is the pilot period for the Teaneck Commuter Shuttle?

The pilot period will run from October through the end of December, 2016.  During the pilot period, Columbia will gather feedback and ridership data to determine what changes need to be made and if service the commuter will continue. 

Why is Columbia offering commuter shuttle service from NJ?

Columbia is working to reduce its overall environmental impact as well as offer commute options that make the Columbia commute a little easier. Recent Columbia surveys indicate the largest portion of Columbia’s driving commuters reside in NJ and cross the GWB. Columbia recognizes the importance of offering commuter alternatives that reduce Columbia’s negative impact to traffic congestion, local air quality, and environmental harm and also serve to benefit the Columbia community, NYC, and beyond.

Who is eligible to use the pilot Teaneck Shuttle and Glenpointe Parking?

All active Columbia students, faculty and staff are eligible to sign-up and participate in the pilot shuttle service. 

Can I opt in and out of the pilot shuttle service at any time?

Yes, students, faculty and staff can opt in and out of the pilot shuttle service at any time during the three month pilot period. However, participation depends on availability and is first come, first served. 

Why did Columbia choose Glenpointe in Teaneck for this new service?

Columbia reviewed many locations to operate a park and ride service from NJ. While Glenpointe in Teaneck may not be a convenient location for all GWB commuters, it is currently the best option available to service the largest population of Columbia’s GWB commuters.

What about parking at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory?

Columbia affiliates are welcome to use the Lamont Shuttle for their commute. While parking at Lamont for non-Lamont employees is not currently available, it is something we are hoping to add in the future.

What other shuttle options are available to me?

Columbia currently operates a shuttle service from Fort Lee, NJ to Columbia University Medical Center. From CUMC, passengers can connect to the Intercampus Shuttle or the 1 Train for service to Manhattanville and Morningside campuses.

How do I get to Glenpointe-Teaneck?

Physical address: 300 Frank W Burr Boulevard, Teaneck, NJ 07666

From the north, west and south on I-95/I-80

1.     From I-95 North and I-80 East, take exit 70B

2.     Merge onto Degraw Ave

3.     Turn right onto Glenpointe Ave

4.     Turn left onto Frank W Burr Boulevard

a.     For parking; enter parking area on the right

5.     The bus stop is adjacent to the parking garage on Frank W Burr Boulevard

From the east on I-95

1.     From I-95 South, take exit 70

2.     Continue straight onto Frank W Burr Boulevard

a.     For parking; enter parking area on the right

3.     The bus stop is adjacent to the parking garage on Frank W Burr Boulevard

Why doesn’t the shuttle stop at CUMC?

Columbia recognizes that many CUMC affiliates also have a GWB commute. Currently, Columbia operates a free shuttle service between CUMC and Fort Lee. Columbia affiliates are welcome to use this service. Due to the expansion of Manhattanville, necessary arrangements are needed to reduce parking demand and offer commute alternatives to Manhattanville employees. Offering direct, non-stop service is key to incentivizing participation from Manhattanville and Morningside affiliates.

Who can I contact about this pilot project?

Daniel Allalemdjian, Director, Transportation Demand Management, office of Environmental Stewardship, da2642@columbia.edu.