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Evening Schedule

Fall 2017

The fall Evening Shuttle schedule goes into effect Tuesday, September 5. You can view the schedule and timetable below, or a PDF version of the map here.

How to Use the Tools on This Page

The Evening shuttle service utilizes two shuttle buses traveling on different routes, in thirty minute loops across the Morningside and Manhattanville areas. The Evening Shuttle operates seven days a week from 6:00 p.m. every evening until 4:00 a.m. the following morning, excluding University holidays. All riders must present a valid University ID upon boarding the shuttle.

Please keep in mind that shuttle times are approximate and are subject to traffic.

All Evening shuttles are wheelchair accessible. 

For those who prefer, Public Safety’s walking escort service, which sends two specially trained students to walk you to your door, will continue to be available seven nights a week from 7:00pm to 3:00am. Columbia students, faculty, and staff can call 212-854-SAFE (7233) to request this service. Please visit the Public Safety website for additional information regarding the evening walking escort service.


The Evening shuttle schedule is serviced by two buses and is divided into 4 tables to show different service throughout the night. Read the tables from left to right and then loop to the next row to determine departure and approximate arrival times. For example, if you know you need to get to Amsterdam and 110th Street by 11:00pm from Broadway & 116th Street, you should take the "#11" red shuttle at 10:43pm, which will arrive at 110th a little before 10:50pm.

Find the Next Shuttle

This calculator will help you determine the next shuttle to depart from your location, and how long your route will take you so you can estimate your arrival time. Select you current location from the left drop-down list and your destination from the right drop-down.

Download the App

You can also track the shuttle on your phone using the Passio GO app. Click here on your mobile device to download the app.


Evening Shuttle Route Maps

#1 Amsterdam at 116th #2 West 120th at Broadway	#3 Broadway at W122nd St #4 Employment Center #5 Broadway at W130 St #7 Dinosaur BBQ #8 560 Riverside #9 Claremont Ave and Tiemann Pl #10 Claremont Ave at W122 St #11 Broadway at 120th Street #12 West 116th S #13 West 112th Street #14 West 106th Street #15 West 108th Street #16 West 110th Street #17 Amsterdam Ave and W110th Street #1 Amsterdam #2 West 110th #3 Columbus Ave. #4 West 106th St. #5 West 109th St. #6 West 113th St. #7 West 116th St. #8 West 119th St. #9 West 121st St. #10 West 124th St. #11 West 126th St. #12 West 133rd St. #13 West 135th Street #14 Broadway #15 West 132rd Street #18 West 125th Street #19 Amsterdam Ave. #20 West 121 St. #6 Studebaker on W132 St #16 Studebaker on W132 St

Evening Shuttle Schedule

@ 116th NE

W125th @ 12Ave,
SE corner


opposite Stude

#7 Broadway
@ W129 St.,
JLG Entrance
#8 Booth
6:00 PM6:02 PM6:04 PM6:05 PM6:06 PM6:07 PM6:09 PM6:10 PM
6:30 PM6:32 PM6:34 PM6:35 PM6:36 PM6:37 PM6:39 PM6:40 PM
7:00 PM7:02 PM7:04 PM7:05 PM7:06 PM7: 07 PM7:09 PM7:10 PM
7:30 PM7:32 PM7:34 PM7:35 PM7:36 PM7:37 PM7:39 PM7:40 PM
8:00 PM8:02 PM8:04 PM8:05 PM8:06 PM8:07 PM8:09 PM8:10 PM
8:30 PM8:32 PM8:34 PM8:35 PM8:36 PM8:37 PM8:39 PM8:40 PM
9:00 PM9:02 PM9:04 PM9:05 PM9:06 PM9:07 PM9:09 PM9:10 PM
9:30 PM9:32 PM9:34 PM9:35 PM9:36 PM9:37 PM9:39 PM9:40 PM
10:00 PM10:02 PM10:04 PM10:05 PM10:06 PM10:07 PM10:09 PM10:10 PM
10:30 PM10:32 PM10:34 PM10:35 PM10:36 PM10:37 PM10:39 PM10:40 PM
11:00 PM11:02 PM11:04 PM11:05 PM11:06 PM11:07 PM11:09 PM11:10 PM
11:30 PM11:32 PM11:34 PM11:35 PM11:36 PM11:37 PM11:39 PM11:40 PM
12:00 AM12:02 AM12:04 AM12:05 AM12:06 AM12:07 AM12:09 AM12:10 AM
12:30 AM12:32 AM12:34 AM12:35 AM12:36 AM12:37 AM12:39 AM12:40 AM
1:00 AM1:02 AM1:04 AM1:05 AM1:06 AM1:07 AM1:09 AM1:10 AM
1:30 AM1:32 AM1:34 AM1:35 AM1:36 AM1:37 AM1:39 AM1:40 AM
2:00 AM2:02 AM2:04 AM2:05 AM2:06 AM2:07 AM2:09 AM2:10 AM
2:30 AM2:32 AM2:34 AM2:35 AM2:36 AM2:37 AM2:39AM2:40 AM
3:00 AM3:02 AM3:04 AM3:05 AM3:06 AM3:07 AM3:09 AM3:10 AM
3:30 AM3:32 AM3:34 AM3:35 AM3:36 AM3:37 AM3:39 AM3:40 AM

#9 Claremont @

Tiemann Pl

Claremont @


Bwy @

Bwy @


West End @


#15 Upper

Riverside Dr


W110th @


#17 Amsterdam


6:11 PM6:12 PM6:13 PM6:14 PM6:15 PM6:16 PM6:17 PM6:19 PM6:21 PM
6:41 PM6:42 PM6:43 PM6:44 PM6:45 PM6:46 PM6:47 PM6:49 PM6:51 PM
7:11 PM7:12 PM7:13 PM7:14 PM7:15 PM7:16 PM7:17 PM7:19 PM7:21 PM
7:41 PM7:42 PM7:43 PM7:44 PM7:45 PM7:46 PM7:47 PM7:49 PM7:51 PM
8:11 PM8:12 PM8:13 PM8:14 PM8:15 PM8:16 PM8:17 PM8:19 PM8:21 PM
8:41 PM8:42 PM8:43 PM8:44 PM8:45 PM8:46 PM8:47 PM8:49 PM8:51 PM
9:11 PM9:12 PM9:13 PM9:14 PM9:15 PM9:16 PM9:17 PM9:19 PM9:21 PM
9:41 PM9:42 PM9:43 PM9:44 PM9:45 PM9:46 PM9:47 PM9:49 PM9:51 PM
10:11 PM10:12 PM10:13 PM10:14 PM10:15 PM10:16 PM10:17 PM10:19 PM

10:21 PM

10:41 PM10:42 PM10:43 PM10:44 PM10:45 PM10:46 PM10:47 PM10:49 PM10:51 PM
11:11 PM11:12 PM11:13 PM11:14 PM11:15 PM11:16 PM11:17 PM11:19 PM11:21 PM
11:41 PM11:42 PM11:43 PM11:44 PM11:45 PM11:46 PM11:47 PM11:49 PM11:51 PM
12:11 AM12:12 AM12:13 AM12:14 AM12:15 AM12:16 AM12:17 AM12:19 AM12:21 AM
12:41 AM12:42 AM12:43 AM12:44 AM12:45 AM12:46 AM12:47 AM12:49 AM12:51 AM
1:11 AM1:12 AM1:13 AM1:14 AM1:15 AM1:16 AM1:17 AM1:19 AM1:21 AM
1:41 AM1:42 AM1:43 AM1:44 AM1:45 AM1:46 AM1:47 AM1:49 AM1:51 AM
2:11 AM2:12 AM2:13 AM2:14 AM2:15 AM2:16 AM2:17 AM2:19 AM2:21 AM
2:41 AM2:42 AM2:43 AM2:44 AM2:45 AM2:46 AM2:47 AM2:49 AM2:51 AM
3:11 AM3:12 AM3:13 AM3:14 AM3:15 AM3:16 AM3:17 AM3:19 AM3:21 AM
3:41 AM3:42 AM3:43 AM3:44 AM3:45 AM3:46 AM3:47 AM3:49 AM3:51 AM
@ 116th S
W110th SE
@ 110th
W106th @
W109th @
W113th @
6:00 PM6:01 PM6:02 PM6:03 PM6:04 PM6:06 PM6:07 PM6:08 PM6:09 PM
6:30 PM6:31 PM6:32 PM6:33 PM6:34 PM6:36 PM6:37 PM6:38 PM6:39 PM
7:00 PM7:01 PM7:02 PM7:03 PM7:04 PM7:06 PM7:07 PM7:08 PM7:09 PM
7:30 PM7:31 PM7:32 PM7:33 PM7:34 PM7:36 PM7:37 PM7:38 PM7:39 PM
8:00 PM8:01 PM8:02 PM8:03 PM8:04 PM8:06 PM8:07 PM8:08 PM8:09 PM
8:30 PM8:31 PM8:32 PM8:33 PM8:34 PM8:36 PM8:37 PM8:38 PM8:39 PM
9:00 PM9:01 PM9:02 PM9:03 PM9:04 PM9:06 PM9:07 PM9:08 PM9:09 PM
9:30 PM9:31 PM9:32 PM9:33 PM9:34 PM9:36 PM9:37 PM9:38 PM9:39 PM
10:00 PM10:01 PM10:02 PM10:03 PM10:04 PM10:06 PM10:07 PM10:08 PM10:09 PM
10:30 PM10:31 PM10:32 PM10:33 PM10:34 PM10:36 PM10:37 PM10:38 PM10:39 PM
11:00 PM11:01 PM11:02 PM11:03 PM11:04 PM11:06 PM11:07 PM11:08 PM11:09 PM
11:30 PM11:31 PM11:32 PM11:33 PM11:34 PM11:36 PM11:37 PM11:38 PM11:39 PM
12:00 AM12:01 AM12:02 AM12:03 AM12:04 AM12:06 AM12:07 AM12:08 AM12:09 AM
12:30 AM12:31 AM12:32 AM12:33 AM12:34 AM12:36 AM12:37 AM12:38 AM12:39 AM
1:00 AM1:01 AM1:02 AM1:03 AM1:04 AM1:06 AM1:07 AM1:08 AM1:09 AM
1:30 AM1:31 AM1:32 AM1:33 AM1:34 AM1:36 AM1:37 AM1:38 AM1:39 AM
2:00 AM2:01 AM2:02 AM2:03 AM2:04 AM2:06 AM2:07 AM2:08 AM2:09 AM
2:30 AM2:31 AM2:32 AM2:33 AM2:34 AM2:36 AM2:37 AM2:38AM2:39 AM
3:00 AM3:01 AM3:02 AM3:03 AM3:04 AM3:06 AM3:07 AM3:08 AM3:09 AM
3:30 AM3:31 AM3:32 AM3:33 AM3:34 AM3:36 AM3:37 AM3:38 AM3:39 AM
W126th @
@ W135th

#16 W132nd


#17 Prentis#18
125th @Bwy
Amsterdam @125th
#20 Amsterdam @W121st
6:10 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM6:15 PM6:16 PM6:17 PM6:18 PM6:20 PM6:21 PM6:22 PM6:23 PM
6:40 PM6:42 PM6:44 PM6:45 PM6:46 PM6:47 PM6:48 PM6:50 PM6:51 PM6:52 PM6:53 PM
7:10 PM7:12 PM7:14 PM7:15 PM7:16 PM7:17 PM7:18 PM7:20 PM7:21 PM7:22 PM7:23 PM
7:40 PM7:42 PM7:44 PM7:45 PM7:46 PM7:47 PM7:48 PM7:50 PM7:51 PM7:52 PM7:53 PM
8:10 PM8:12 PM8:14 PM8:15 PM8:16 PM8:17 PM8:18 PM8:20 PM8:21 PM8:22 PM8:23 PM
8:40 PM8:42 PM8:44 PM8:45 PM8:46 PM8:47 PM8:48 PM8:50 PM8:51 PM8:52 PM8:53 PM
9:10 PM9:12 PM9:14 PM9:15 PM9:16 PM9:17 PM9:18 PM9:20 PM9:21 PM9:22 PM9:23 PM
9:40 PM9:42 PM9:44 PM9:45 PM9:46 PM9:47 PM9:48 PM9:50 PM9:51 PM9:52 PM9:53 PM
10:10 PM10:12 PM10:14 PM10:15 PM10:16 PM10:17 PM10:18 PM10:20 PM10:21 PM10:22 PM10:23 PM
10:40 PM10:42 PM10:44 PM10:45 PM10:46 PM10:47 PM10:48 PM10:50 PM10:51 PM10:52 PM10:53 PM
11:10 PM11:12 PM11:14 PM11:15 PM11:16 PM11:17 PM11:18 PM11:20 PM11:21 PM11:22 PM11:23 PM
11:40 PM11:42 PM11:44 PM11:45 PM11:46 PM11:47 PM11:48 PM11:50 PM11:51 PM11:52 PM11:53 PM
12:10 AM12:12 AM12:14 AM12:15 AM12:16 AM12:17 AM12:18 AM12:20 AM12:21 AM12:22 AM12:23 AM
12:40 AM12:42 AM12:44 AM12:45 AM12:46 AM12:47 AM12:48 AM12:50 AM12:51 AM12:52 AM12:53 AM
1:10 AM1:12 AM1:14 AM1:15 AM1:16 AM1:17 AM1:18 AM1:20 AM1:21 AM1:22 AM1:23 AM
1:40 AM1:42 AM1:44 AM1:45 AM1:46 AM1:47 AM1:48 AM1:50 AM1:51 AM1:52 AM1:53 AM
2:10 AM2:12 AM2:14 AM2:15 AM2:16 AM2:17 AM2:18 AM2:20 AM2:21 AM2:22 AM2:23 AM
2:40 AM2:42 AM2:44 AM2:45 AM2:46 AM2:47 AM2:48 AM2:50 AM2:51AM2:52 AM2:53 AM
3:10 AM3:12 AM3:14 AM3:15 AM3:16 AM3:17 AM3:18 AM3:20 AM3:21 AM3:22 AM3:23 AM
3:40 AM3:42 AM3:44 AM3:45 AM3:46 AM3:47 AM3:48 AM3:50 AM3:51 AM3:52 AM3:53 AM


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