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Charter and Rental Services

Bus and Van Charters

Columbia Transportation provides bus and van charter services. Quotes and reservations can be obtained by completing the form below. Vehicles range from 11-passenger vans to 54-passenger coaches. Charter requests should be submitted with as much advance notice as possible (at least 7-10 days prior) to ensure that vehicle(s) will be available.

Requesting these services through Columbia Transportation ensures that all students, staff and faculty are covered under Columbia’s insurance agreements and standards. Requestors do not have to create purchase orders as Transportation processes all invoices and bills customers monthly via ITF. The charges will appear on account 65298 for consolidated ChartStrings and on account 65213 for non-consolidated ChartStrings.

All charter services are billed electronically.  There is no need for cash transactions at the time of service, as any additional services not previously quoted will be billed electronically.  In addition, tips are not required and are left to the discretion of the department.

PLEASE NOTE: Columbia Transportation requires a 5 business day cancellation notice for all Bus and Van Charters. Users will be charged the full amount if reservation is not cancelled within 5 business days. 

Charter Request Form

Charter Request Form should be completed to obtain quote(s) for charter services. Upon receipt, Columbia Transportation will obtain a quote within 2-3 business days.

Car Rentals

Zipcar is a University-approved vendor that offers self-service, on-demand car sharing. To use Zipcar, become a member, reserve a car online or by phone, use your Zipcar to enter the car, and drive off. Cars must be returned to their pick-up location. Member benefits include:

  • Rates for faculty, staff and students, starting at just $7.50/hour or $69/day
  • Gas, insurance and up to 180 miles free per day
  • Access to Zipcars 24/7
  • No monthly commitments
  • All students ages 18 and up are eligible, including drivers with international licenses
  • See where Zipcars are located in the Columbia area and join Zipcar.

See where Zipcars are located in the Columbia area and join Zipcar

Note: Non-Zipcar passengers are not permitted or insured to drive Zipcars.

For more information on University travel services, visit the Columbia Purchasing website.

Columbia has provided this information strictly for convenience. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for their own safety and have the right and ability to select a car-sharing service of their choice.