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Car Service

Department-Sponsored Transportation

Columbia Transportation is contracted with Luxury Worldwide Transportation (LWT) to provide car service to Columbia personnel for department-approved purposes. Paper vouchers or VIP cards can be requested with a valid chart string and requires DAF approval. Please note that this service should only be used for transportation meeting department approved criteria.

Requesting these services through Columbia Transportation ensures that all students, staff and faculty are covered under Columbia’s insurance agreements and standards. Requesters do not have to create purchase orders as Transportation processes all invoices and bills customers monthly via ITF.

The charges will appear on account 65212 for consolidated ChartStrings and on account 65298 for non-consolidated ChartStrings.

All car services are billed electronically.  There is no need for cash transactions at the time of service, as any additional services not previously quoted will be billed electronically.  In addition, tips are not required and are left to the discretion of the department.

Voucher Request Form

A voucher is required to use car service. This enables departments, faculty and schools to control usage. LWT will not accept requests without a predetermined voucher number. It is the responsibility of riders to turn in receipts to their Department Financial Administrator for departmental reconciliation.

VIP Card Request Form

A VIP card can be requested for frequent users. The VIP card eliminates the need to carry vouchers and account numbers can be personalized for ease of use. VIP cards must have departmental DAF approval, as these will be tied to a valid chart string for billing purposes. It is the responsibility of riders to turn in receipts to their Department Financial Administrator for departmental reconciliation.

Download the Luxury Worldwide Transportation (LWT) App

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the LWT app allows you to quickly and easily reserve a car using your mobile device. Students wanting to receive the discounted rate (described below) will need to reference account 1754CC when making reservations. 

Non-Sponsored Transportation

Non-Columbia-sponsored services are abundant in New York City. A car can be booked in advance through one of New York City's many car service companies.  Additionally, taxis supervised by the Taxi and Limousine Commission are easily flaggable from most city streets at any time of day or night.

Student Transportation

Columbia University students are eligible to use Luxury car service at a discounted rate. Reference account 1754CC when making a reservation.