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Bike Parking Enclosures

Request Bike Parking Enclosure Access

Terms and Conditions:

Columbia’s bicycle enclosures are not for long-term bike storage. The enclosures have a limited amount of space, and therefore are reserved for bicycle commuters only. Registering your bicycle with Columbia’s Public Safety is required to gain access to the enclosures. The registration code is required needed for the application process. (Learn more about bike registration here.) Columbia is not responsible for the safekeeping of bicycles and any property contained in the bicycle enclosures. Bicycle enclosures will be inspected for abandoned and stored bikes. Columbia's Bicycle Parking Protocol explains how abandoned bikes are managed at Columbia.

People with access to Bike Parking Enclosures will be joined to Columbia's Bicycle Interest Group and receive email announcements about bicycle news and events at Columbia.

Problems joining? Email environment@columbia.edu
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